Brook's Vista, Ipaja

This is Brook’s Vista, Iyana-Ipaja, Located at Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos

3 Bedroom Flat (Fully Built)


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Brook Assets & Resources Ltd

3 Bedroom Flat (Off Plan)


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Brook Assets & Resources Ltd

2 Bedroom Flat (Off Plan)


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Brook Assets & Resources Ltd

An exquisite collection of two and three-bedroom apartments, 2 and 3 bedroom pent flats.

This masterpiece, encompasses modern luxury living, top-notch quality finish, and total comfort. Our architectural team has painstakingly and carefully planned each flat to match our philosophy of finished homes, contemporary lifestyles of families, and our partner’s (Ministry of Housing) quest for leadership in housing provision within the Lagos metropolis.

All the ground floor is dedicated to car parking. A central sewage treatment plant will produce biofuel for residence usage as gas for cooking. 


  • School.
  • Clinic Area.
  • 24 hours security.
  • Lounges by water side.
  • Lawn tennis court
  • Civic centre
  • Commercial area
  • Library 

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